I am Steven Beaudoin Jr.

  • Son of Steven Beaudoin Sr.
  • Grandson of Leopold Beaudoin
  • Great Grandson of Augustin(e) Beaudoin
  • Great-Great Grandson of Guilliaume Beaudoin
  • Great-Great-Great Grandson of Dumas Beaudoin

To date I have only been able to trace as far back as Dumas Beaudoin (b. 1810)

I am certain he had siblings which account for multiple branches of the family not represented here, yet. Further, I am still working to fill in the branches of the tree under Dumas.

Please contact me if you'd like to compare notes or help with filling in any of the missing information.

Dumas Beaudoin

1860 US Census - Natchitoches, LA

  • Line 29 - D(umas) Boudon
    • Dumas is 49 y/o
    • Apparently his wife has passed away and he's raising 6 children on his own.
    • Note the initial only for first name and spelling of last name.
    • There was much lost in the translation when our people could not read and write for themselves.
    • Census takers would just try to spell names phonetically.
    • This is why we have so many variations of Beaudoin/Beaudion/Baudion/Baudon/Beudoin/Bauduin/Baudin/Boduin...


Dumas Beaudoin


To date I have only found additional information on brothers Reneau and Guilliaume (William) Beaudoin.

Reneau "Reno" Beaudoin

  • Son of Dumas
Reneau BeaudoinReneau and Adelide

Guilliaume "William" Beaudoin

  • Son of Dumas
  • Brother of Reneau

1870 US Census - Natchitoches, LA

  • Line 33 - Guilliaume Baudoin
    • Note the change in spelling of last name from 1860 to 1870 census
    • Guilliaume is now living with older brother Collin (line 27) and his family
    • Collin and Guilliaume live next door to brother Renau
    • They are farmers

1880 US Census - Natchitoches, LA

  • Line 3 - Guilliaume (28 y/o) has his own house and family
    • He live next door to older brother Ano (Reneau) Boduin
    • Note the change in spelling of last name again 1860/1870/1880 census
    • Guilliaume is married to Irene Metoyer
    • They have 3 children all under 10 y/o
      • Ernest - 8
      • Augustin - 5 (my Great Grandfather)
      • Ernestine - 2